Tteokbokki [Ingredients]

* Tteokbokki Rice cake 4 cup (400g) ,Wheat flour cake 4 cup (400g), Square fish cake 4 sheets (160g), Cabbage 2 cup (160g), Green onion 3 cup (240g) ,Water 1L ,3 hard-boiled eggs

*Sauce : Red chili paste 1/3 cup (80g), Dark soy sauce 1/3 cup (50g), Fine red pepper powder 1/3 cup (30g), Coarse red pepper powder 1/3 cup (20g), Brown sugar 1/3 cup (70g), MSG 1/2 tbsp (5g)

[Directions] 1. Cut the green onion diagonally or slice in half and cut into long pieces. 2. Cut the cabbage and fish cake into bite sizes. 3. Add water, dark soy sauce, brown sugar, red chili paste, coarse red pepper powder, fine red pepper powder, green onion, and cabbage to a pot and let boil.

4. Lightly rinse the rice cake and wheat flour cake under water. 5. Once the sauce boils, add hard-boiled eggs, rice cake, and wheat flour cake and continue cooking. 6. Add MSG if desired. 7. When the sauce boils again, add fish cake. 8. Continue cooking until the sauce gains desired consistency.

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