Dakbokkeumtang (Spicy Braised Chicken)

[Ingredients] 1 Size 10 Chopped Chicken/ 3 Cups water (540ml)/ 2 Large green onion (200g) /3 Cheongyang green pepper(30g)/ 2 Red pepper (20g) /2 King oyster mushroom (120g)/ 2 Shiitake mushrooms (40g)/ 1/3 (90g) Carrot 1 Onion (250g) /2 Potatoes (400g) /1 Tbsp (15g) minced garlic /1/2 Cup (40g) coarse red pepper powder /1 Tbsp (6g) fine red pepper powder /4/5 Cup (144ml) thick soy sauce /3 Tbsp(36g) sugar A bit of ground pepper

[Directions] 1. Wash out impurities of chopped chicken under running water and score the chicken. 2. Blanch the cleaned chicken in boiling water and rinse under cold water. 3. Chop king oyster mushrooms and onions into bite-sized pieces, and chop the shiitake mushrooms into decent sizes. 4. Chop potatoes into quarters, chop the carrots into small ginkgo-leaf-shaped pieces. 5. Chop the large green onion into 4cm lengths, and chop the red and Cheongyang green peppers into 2cm lengths. 6. In a deep pot (or wok) place the chicken, water, potatoes, onion, and sugar and boil on high heat, lidless. 7. Once the chicken is cooked white and the potatoes half-way cooked, add the carrots, king oyster mushrooms, and shiitake mushrooms. (If the potatoes and carrots are similar in size, put them in together now) 8. About 15 minutes later, add and mix the coarse red pepper powder and fine red pepper powder. 9. Add the thick soy sauce, minced garlic, and ground pepper. Mix and let boil. 10. Add the large green onions, red pepper, Cheongyang pepper, and mix and let boil just until withered. 11. Plate to finish.